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tonga masterclass 2023

Tonga Masterclass

April 21st, 2023

Tonga recently hosted a two-day masterclass fair with 14 different suppliers from Europe and the USA showcasing and explaining their products to over 100 customers. Tonga's approach to these masterclass days, with personal attention and help, networking opportunities, and good food and entertainment, sets the company apart from competitors and demonstrates its commitment to customer service.

Tonga also announced its new female board and rebranding during the event. The company's CEO, Melanie de Jonge, hopes that the modern, contemporary look of the brand will appeal to a broad range of customers while maintaining the company's core values. The event was a great success, showcasing Tonga's leadership in the industry and dedication to providing educational opportunities and exceptional customer service.

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tonga erospain 2023

Tonga at Erospain

April 26th, 2023

Tonga had a successful exhibition at EroSpain Barcelona and we want to thank our loyal customers for visiting our booth and extend a warm welcome to potential new customers. Our brand-new fair booth, designed by Kollective Standenbouw was a key to our success, capturing the essence of our new brand identity with its feminine and modern look.

During the fair, we hosted workshops and introduced new products, receiving positive feedback from visitors. We were happy to partner with Sportsheets for the event and the Masterclass series, aligning with our commitment to innovation and education.

We are also thrilled to announce that Tonga won the award for Best Marketing Support to Retailers of the Year 2023 at EroSpain. This award is a recognition of our efforts in supporting our retailers and providing them with exceptional marketing support.

We look forward to continuing to grow our business and deliver exceptional products to our customers.

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tonga's new booth at erospain 2023 in pictures

Tonga's new booth at Erospain 2023 in pictures

June 29th, 2023

Our brand-new fair booth was one of the keys to our success at EroSpain in Barcelona last April. Designed by Kollective Standenbouw, the booth has a feminine and modern look that beautifully showcases our products and captures the essence of our new brand identity. The comfortable and inviting areas in the booth provide a cozy and airy feeling for visitors, which is a perfect representation of our brand's new identity. We were delighted to see our booth come to life at EroSpain and to receive positive feedback from visitors.

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